Dr. Usamah Jannoun

Spine Doctor and Sports Consultant

Doctor Usamah Jannoun provides private consultations for Musculoskeletal, Spine and Sports related conditions at various London Centres of Clinical Excellence where he is committed to delivering the highest quality of healthcare in private medicine. His vision focuses on the provision of a caring, informed, and comprehensive assessment and management strategy, offering the most up to date, available, and honest evidence-based approach to manage painful conditions in a nonsurgical manner. He brings with him a wealth of clinical experience and has been instrumental in the NHS and in the private sector in reviewing pathways for spinal pain patients and pathways for managing Orthopaedic and Sports Injury conditions that present at his clinics.

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Profile Picture of Dr. Usamah Jannoun, Spine Specialist and Orthopedic Doctor, at his Harley Street Practice.

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I started doing classical ballet at the age of 52 when I weighed 21 stone (134kg), having done no exercise at all for 30 years. Of course I had a million issues and injuries: torn calf muscles, painful Achilles tendons, knee ligament injuries, plantar fascia pain, as well as lower back agonies. Over the years Dr Jannoun has worked his magic on my body consistently and successfully every time. As a result today I do daily ballet class at professional level and even occasionally perform. And I have managed to lose half of my weight. Not bad! Without Dr Jannoun I could not have done it!

Prince Yanek Zylinski, Property Developer


Dr Jannoun is a true healer-dedicated, caring and perceptive. His diligence enabled him to observe an underlying cause of symptoms in my body which several other Doctors had missed. His progressive mixture of complementary and western medicine then allowed him to successfully treat it rapidly, and to literally get me back on my feet within days of treatment commencing. Coupled with this was a sensible and non-drug approach to additional rehabilitation which has proven successful. I recommend him in the strongest terms as The Doctor to see if you are in serious trouble-he will get you out of it!

Michael Jacobsen, Author, Co Founder: Dirty Dancing On Stage

I came to see Usamah full of trepidation for a neck problem which would not go away. Through a few sessions and recommendations for rehabilitation with physiotherapy my strength came back in both the neck joint and my confidence. I would highly recommend him for his expertise and gentle manner. I am very happy with the results all round.

Lorraine Pascale, Author & former model

I went to see Dr. Usamah Jannoun with a painful knee. After a thorough assessment and treatment, I was able to go straight back to work and be really free from pain. I am eternally grateful to him.

Joanna David Fox – Actress

Having suffered with back and neck problems most of my life and having seen many other specialist to no avail, it wasn’t until I saw Usamah that my problems began to get sorted. His in-depth and immense knowledge, ability and manner never fails to fill me with confidence in his diagnosis. I have regained the strength in my back and been pain free now for over 4 years. I have recommended him to at least 10 of my friends all with a myriad of different problems, all of whom have said the same thing – he’s the best.

Deborah Bonham Bullick, English rock and blues vocalist and the sister of John Bonham

I recently suffered from a frozen shoulder for the second time in five years. Dr Jannoun’s treatment and programme halved the time my shoulder took to heal, compared to the treatment I previously received elsewhere. I am very pleased with the results whilst under his care. I can’t recommend Dr Jannoun highly enough.

Ged Doherty, former Chairman and CEO, Sony BMG Music UK and Ireland

Dr. Usamah Jannoun made me dance again! I injured my left ankle while dancing in Brazil. Before seeing him I went to other doctors but they couldn’t make my foot perfectly healthy again. His diagnoses are correct and within a few weeks I was on point again. I’m very grateful. He is a doctor to trust!

Henriett Tunyogi, ballet dancer, choreographer, director and costume designer

I would like to thank Dr Jannoun for performing the spinal procedure on me for the second time that has basically changed my life. I know that may sound excessive but when you are in constant pain for many years, every day and all the time, the relief from not having that pain for the last three months is enormous and I can once again almost function like a normal person. I am most grateful to him for that.

Michael P. Boettcher, President & CEO Storm International