Dr Usamah Jannoun

Profile Picture of Dr. Usamah Jannoun, Spine Specialist and Orthopedic Doctor, at his Harley Street Practice.

His private practice focuses around specialist assessment and treatment for back pain, musculoskeletal conditions, and sports related injuries with special interest in ultrasound and CT guided pain management.

He also undertakes specialist extensive screening of joints, tendons, and the spine as part of his special areas of interest. Not knowing if there is any abnormality in your musculoskeletal system leaves you exposed to potential and unnecessary injury and pain. Screening and taking the necessary steps per advice from the medical specialist has been shown to reduce the risk of injury even before you develop symptoms.

Dr Jannoun sees patients of all levels and differing sporting activities, from the recreational and professional athlete to the international and Olympic athlete. He served as a Consultant Sports Physician at the 2012 London Olympics and Paralympics working in a team of leading doctors covering the Judo and Wrestling tournaments and was also based at the Olympic Village Polyclinic looking after the athletes attending with various injuries incurred during the games.

Dr Jannoun also undertakes various nonclinical leadership roles within his clinical governance and clinical service delivery role. He is on the Medical Advisory and Clinical Governance Board at the UME Harley Street Medical Centre and is also a member of the General Medical Council Specialist Application Panel. He examines and appraises other senior Consultants and is a valued and respected member of both Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine (FSEM UK) and the Spine Intervention Society (SIS).

He teaches and lectures both nationally and internationally to a wide audience in Musculoskeletal and Sports and Exercise Medicine. He has live abroad and travelled the world and speaks English, German, Arabic, and French. He is a keen sportsman. You will find him outdoors after work and during the weekend either walking his dogs or playing tennis, windsurfing, or running and on the slopes skiing in the winter time.

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