Hand & Wrist Pain

De Quervains Tenosynovitis is a condition related to repetitive strain of the wrist on the thumb side commonly associated with DIY gardening, using powerful handheld tools, and  holding infants in a fixed position for long during breast feeding. This conditions is easily confirmed with ultrasound and treated with a local injection.

Osteoarthritis of the thumb joints can be quite painful and can also affect the younger population where heavy loading is involved such as weightlifting, farming, and activities involving repetitive thumb movement. The diagnosis can be made from the clinical findings and with imaging. The fastest and most effective treatment is a guided low dosed steroid injection, temporary bracing, and activity modification. Other treatment options are joint lubricant injections (Ostenil) and PRP (see under).

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition affecting one of the hand nerves (median nerve) running in a tight soft tissue tunnel on the palm side of the wrist. The condition can arise from repetitive strain of the wrist but can also be associated with certain medical conditions. It can give rise to pins and needles in the fingers ,particularly at night time where the patient describes that flicking the hand eases the symptoms. The resulting nerve inflammation can be treated with a guided low dosed steroid injection. Sometimes, surgery is required is not diagnosed early enough. The diagnosis can be made with diagnostic ultrasound or nerve conduction studies.

A wrist ganglion is a recurring small soft bump that arises over the wrist joint or over tendons due to a weakness in the lining of the joint lining or with tendon problems similar to a groin hernia. They are mostly pain-free but can be injected to settle the swelling. Surgery is rarely required.

Trigger finger is a condition where pulleys that support the tendons on the palm of the hand or over the fingers themselves become inflamed and thickened causing a snapping sensation when the tendon glides through the pulley. Ultrasound guided injection of a low dosed steroid that can free the resulting adhesions thus avoiding any surgery in most cases.