Health Screening 

The specialist’s examination of the spine is a very complicated  and detailed process. We all need a healthy and pain-free spine to function in our everyday lives. Pre-existing wear and tear of the discs or the joints in the back can predispose to future painful back conditions and having the knowledge of what needs to be done on the prevention front is vital to the overall wellbeing.

The screening includes:

– Past medical history analysis.

– Examination of the spine (mobility testing, flexibility testing, core and pelvic control)

– Fully comprehensive analysis of test results and specialist advice

– MRI spine (cervical and lumbar)

– Stress screening

– Vitamin D

Our fee: £1110

Click here to download the patient information-screening pathway. 

Spine Health Screenings can include the following additional tests or investigations:

  • MRI, three parts £1120
  • Ultrasound examination one part £320, two parts £420
  • Treadmill video gait analysis £185
  • Sports performance profile blood screening (see below for details) £300
  • Osteoporosis blood screening (see below for details) £85
  • Bone Dexa Scan £200
  • Isokinetic lower limb power testing £150


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